Friday, August 14, 2009

The guy who plays football

Wow, the Philadelphia Eagles did it. They hired a guy who not only financed and help commit horrible crimes against dogs, but he isn't even sorry he did it.
He said:
"I was wrong for what I did. Everything that happened at that point and time in my life was wrong and unnecessary. And, to the life of me to this day I can't understand why I was involved in such a pointless activity and why I risked so much at the pinnacle of my career. I was naive to a lot of things."
Sounds to me like he is bummed he got caught and it messed up his career. And yet there are still some people who believe he deserves a second chance.
Thelma is a dog who was confiscated in a cruelty case. She was a puppy when she was confiscated. Because of the crappy environment she was born into and the trouble her owners got into, she spent her puppyhood living in a crate in a vet's office. And yet she was one of the lucky ones. I can only imagine what would have happened to this fun-loving, energetic dog if she had been exposed to dog-fighting. What a horrible way to channel a dog's drive and enthusiasm.
But alas, she is one of the lucky ones. Cuddled up on a couch we bought for her, living a dream life of endless frisbees, food and people who shower her with love and positive attention.
She lives life to the fullest- as many dogs who look like her are unable to...

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painting4thevoiceless said...

I feel ya on this one...good title, by the way!! They had a really good show on the Vick shakedown last night on Animal Planet. As greusome as it sounds, they show what happens in a pit. I think it is important for people to know what really happened with these dogs. I will tell you, I was on the dogs side before, but now since I adopted the boys, I am a thousand times more passionate about it. They may not be for everyone. The discrimination is enough to deal with. Pulling out a soapbox at a moments notice..but to watch them blossom into the dogs they were meant to be?? I don't think I have been given any greater gift in my life. And what they give in return? I don't think I could formulate the words! I summed up the paradox leaving a comment on "Pit-bulls, the other good dogs" face book post. I said.."its amazing how much these dogs have to teach us about compassion and unconditional love. Isn't it interesting then, that they are the most feared?"