Saturday, October 3, 2009

World Championship experience

The 2009 Skyhoundz Hyperflite World Canine Disc Championship was a great experience for our young disc dog and her future looks bright. Thelma competed at the Last Chance Qualifier on September 25 with 62 other teams from throughout the country. The other teams were much more experienced, Thelma has only been training for about 5 months. HOWEVER, her scores were remarkable and while she did not qualify, she finished among the top 16 teams in this very talented pool.
I was glowing with excitement after her round! Video and photos to follow shortly...


Hanna said...

Can't wait to see the pics & video! Go Thelma!

Rockermom said...

Wow I'm impressed with You and Thelma.
I have tried to teach my dog(adopted from shelter)to play disc too. He does a great job at catching it but so far he just does not enjoy playing he catches it for a food reward. Wont play unless there is food in it for em. He has his CGC and passed American temperament. Would like to do therapy soon. Also looking for info on fostering and volunteering at Animal farm foundation.

C W said...

comment above is actually from new follower superpuppy for some reason I am having difficulty posting with my account since I joined through yahoo instead of google.

Hanna said...

Hey SuperPuppy/Rockermom you can get info by contacting the Shelter Manager at AFF -
for contact info.
(click on contact us)
I'm a volunteer there and it's awesome!

superpuppy said...

Thanks Hanna,
I sent an email the other day. Looking forward to helping out.